Vrbas is a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina that springs below the mountain Zec and after a 250 km long course it flows into the river Sava. About 500 thousand inhabitants live on the banks of Vrbas. Vrbas is the main watercourse of Banja Luka and before Banja Luka, Vrbas passes through a canyon and gorges, which are protected by the Law on the Protection of Natural Values ​​from 1955. With its blue-green color and landscapes, it is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its tributaries Pliva, Ugar, Krupa, Rekavica, Švrakava, Suturlija and Vrbanja contribute to the beauty of Vrbas.

Having made its way from Jajce to Banja Luka, Vrbas has created a fantastic canyon in which a number of natural rarities can be find. The Vrbas Canyon is located only 12 KM from the center of Banja Luka, and is characterized by rich flora and fauna, cultural and historical monuments, and natural rarities. High waters are most pronounced in April. Low-water periods occur in the period August-September, with a minimum flow in August. The remains of the medieval Bosnian towns of Greben (1192), Zemljanik (1287) and Zvečaj (1404) can be find in the canyon, and provide a unique experience with its viewpoints, overlooking the Vrbas Valley and the canyon.

Throughout the course, Vrbas has created ideal conditions for the development of biodiversity. This river is characterized by rare and noble species of fish from the salmonidae family, such as brown trout and grayling, which speaks of the quality of water. In Vrbas, especially in the lower course, cyprinid species of fish can be found, such as common nase, chub, barbel, carp, catfish, perch and bullhead.

The cliffs of the Vrbas canyon are home to some of the largest birds of this region, eagles, falcons and hawks.


Activities on the Vrbas River

Vrbas canyon is suitable for the development of sports and recreation, fishing, nautical and adventure tourism. It is in this canyon that the World Rafting Championship 2022 will be held. A special attraction of Vrbas are water sports for which this river provides excellent conditions. Vrbas hosted many competitions at the world and European level in rafting, kayak-canoeing and fly-fishing. The trademark of this river is the boat dajak, named after the pole used to push the boat.

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