IRF WRC 2022
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Slalom is technically the most challenging discipline and accounts for 30% of the total number of points. This discipline requires high-level techniques and teamwor.


Downriver is the star event and it is worth 40% of the total number of points . It takes about an hour to complete and involves paddling downstream with the current while navigating a pre-determined course


Head-to-Head is without doubt visually the most exciting discipline with two rafts racing side-by-side in a fast-paced sprint through a rapid and is often short, taking about three minutes to complete.


Sprint is short fast competition that forces teams to go through the course one-by-one, and it usually takes about two to three minutes. Sprint counts for 10% of the total number of points and is always first in competition.


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Meet and experience all the beauties offered by these two beautiful cities  located on the rivers we love so much

be a volunteer

Register as a volunteer and be part of a historical event in our region and spend an unforgettble  20 days

Milana, Istočno Sarajevo

Volunteering allows me to progress and meet new people and friends. Since I am studying in Foča, where a part of the World Cup is going to take place, I will certainly take the opportunity to be a part of this event. I would also like to invite all young people to volunteer, because volunteering has a lot of benefits.

Nedeljko, Prijedor

Volunteering helped me get out of my comfort zone and helped me get to know and improve myself. Constant contact with different people is a real challenge for me. We need to dedicate ourselves to things that can bring pleasure to us. Money should not be our main motive for doing an activity, it should be enough if we feel happy and fulfilled. Give someone a nice smile, a nice gesture, and the world will be better for us, and through volunteerism we will feel all the benefits of why it is good to be a good person.

Milica, Banja Luka

Being a volunteer for me means being useful to society, community and the world. By volunteering, we gain various experiences, skills, and new friends. Every volunteering experience is significant, but volunteering at world-class events such as the World Rafting Championships is a great experience in life, a beautiful memory, but also significant in CV. Sign up and experience what it’s like to volunteer at a world-class event.

Dajana, Banja Luka

I have met a lot of people through volunteering, and some of them are now very good friends of mine. I have learned many useful things, gained practical knowledge and skills in various fields. Certainly volunteering is also an important item in my CV because it sets me apart from others. My recommendation is that all young people feel the magic of volunteering and right now they have the opportunity to be a part of the World Rafting Championships. Join us!