Men’s Master Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina Wins Silver Medal in Slalom

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Master team won the third medal at the R-4 World Rafting Championship after gold in the sprint discipline and bronze in the Head-to-Head discipline. The crew that consists of Igor Kuzmanović, Dragan Bjelić, Nebojša Tadić and Andrej Zamolo won the silver medal in slalom with a time of 266.03 seconds. Gold in this discpline was won by the Czech Republic, which crossed a very demading trail in 249.39 seconds. Third place in the competition has been won by Slovakia. They achieved a time of 272.00 seconds.

– After the first disastrous race, we said it couldn’t be worse than this. We talked to each other, we saw where we went wrong and we said to ourselves we have gold, we have a bronze, all we need is the silver medal. We still can’t believe that we won a medal because objectively slalom is not our discpline. Everything went well for us in the second run. From the beginning, everything went as it should. We were in rhythm – said Kuzmanović.

The captain of the Master team of Bosnia and Herzegovina emphasized that they have been suffering on the international scene for a long time.

– We do not get enough investments. We go to world competitions only a few days before the competition starts and we don’t have enough time to train. Despite that, you make a good result, but you miss that little bit to win a medal and to be completely equal to the rest of the competition. We have been really preparing for this championship from the moment we knew that it will be in Banjaluka and Foča. We are really thankful for the gratitude of Aleksandar Pastir who decided to take over the organisation of the World Championship after China dropped out. He entered a project like this and in a short time made an organisation that works perfectly.

Slalom: Women U19

  1. Czech Republic 450.65 seconds
  2. USA 512.42

Slalom: Men U19

  1. Czech Republic 459.40 seconds
  2. Croatia 470.02

Slalom: Women U23

  1. Indonesia 337.14 seconds
  2. Canada 362.28
  3. Slovakia 422.91
  4. Japan 439.42

Slalom: Men U23

  1. Japan 231.82 seconds
  2. Australia 235.80
  3. Slovenia 335.76
  4. Costa Rica 407.71
  5. Romania 433.22
  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina 447.96
  7. Czech Republic 470.32
  8. Croatia 486.24

Slalom: Women Master

  1. Slovakia 343.98 seconds
  2. Argentina 393.51
  3. Czech Republic 407.24
  4. Canada 451.13
  5. Indonesia 477.15
  6. Mongolia 571.73

Slalom: Men Master

  1. Czech Republic 249.39 seconds
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina 266.03
  3. Slovakia 272.00
  4. Costa Rica 278.81
  5. Argentina 324.15
  6. Brazil 333.14
  7. Great Britain 459.54
  8. Romania 461.32
  9. Latvia 560.05
  10. Hungary did not start

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