Bosnia and Herzegovina Men’s Open Team Won the Bronze Medal in Head-to-Head

Bosnia and Herzegovina Men’s Open Team Won the Bronze Medal in Head-to-Head

Bosnia and Herzegovina Men’s Open team won the bronze medal in the Head-to-Head discipline team at the World Rafting Championship. In the duel for third place, the BiH team was faster than Argentina. The team consisting of members of the Dayak Club of Banja Luka (Dejan Markovic, Dragan Babic, Igor Studen, Djordje Trninic) crossed the track in 118.12 seconds, while the Argentine crossed the finish line 1.03 seconds later.

BiH team was better than Croatia in the eighth finals, it beat Serbia in the quarterfinal and in the decisive fight for a place in the finals, it was defeated by Japan.

– It was very difficult and hard. We had a very awkward draw. First the victory over Croatia, then over Serbia, and then the duel with Japan, where a small mistake cost us a lot. We didn’t manage to push them out, but in the fight for third place, it all came back to us. We are very satisfied. This is proof that everything can be achieved with sacrifice and great effort. We hope for another medal in the downriver, but also to be among the top five in slalom – said Babić.

Final ranking:

Head-to-Head: Men open

1. Brazil
2. Japan
3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Argentina
5. Germany
6. Slovenia
7. Kazakhstan
8. Serbia
9. Australia
10. Romania
11. United Kingdom
12. Czech Republic
13. Hungary
14. Croatia
15. Mongolia

Head-to-Head: U23 Men

1. Czech Republic
2. Australia
3. Costa Rica
4. Croatia
5. Slovenia
6. Japan
7. Romania
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Head-to-Head: U19 Men

1. Czech Republic
2. Croatia

Head-to-Head: Women open

1. Czech Republic
2. Japan
3. Australia
4. Slovakia
5. USA
6. Romania
7. Hungary
8. Croatia
9. Argentina
10. United Kingdom
11. Bosnia and Herzegovina
12. Canada
13. Mongolia
14. Bulgaria

Head-to-Head: U23 Women:

1. Indonesia
2. Canada
3. Slovakia
4. Japan

Head-to-Head: U19 Women:

1. Czech Republic
2. USA

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