Bosnia and Herzegovina Men’s Masters Team Won Bronze

After winning the gold medal in the sprint category, Igor Kuzmanović, Dragan Bjelić, Nebojša Tadić and Andrej Zamolo competing for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Men’s masters team also won a bronze in the Head-to-Head discipline. The gold medal went to the Brazilian team, which was faster than the Czech Republic in the final. 10 teams competed in the men’s master competition.

In the women’s master competition, the gold medal was won by the Argentine team, which was faster than Slovakia in the final. Third place went to Canada, which was better than the Czech Republic.

Final standings:

1. Brazil
2. Czech Republic
3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Costa Rica
5. Great Britain
6. Slovakia
7. Latvia
8. Argentina
9. Romania
10. Hungary

1. Argentina
2. Slovakia
3. Canada
4. Czech Republic
5. Indonesia
6. Mongolia

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