U.S. Women’s Open Team Delighted with a Gold Medal in the Sprint Category

The U.S. Women’s Open team won a gold medal in the sprint category. Team member Megan Robertson said that this win was a huge success for them. They passed the very demanding White Water track in 79.08 seconds leaving the teams of Japan and Australia, who won the silver and bronze medals, far behind, – It was great, we are so excited! We had a very good race! We entered exactly the path we wanted and which we trained many times. We did not expect gold and we are overjoyed – said Robertson.

The next US Open team trial will be in the Head-to-Head discipline.

– First we will compete against the Croatian team. We will do everything to beat them and I hope for the best – Robertson continued.

The American praised the organisers of the World Championship, Rafting Club Kanjon.

– The opening ceremony was magnificent! The organisers made a lot of effort and have done a great job!. This is the best ceremony I have been to so far – Robertson added.

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