Hohnjec: The effort paid off

A member of the Croatian Men’s Open team won a silver medal in the sprint category. Tomislav Hohnjec is very pleased with the performance and the silver medal his team won. The Croatians crossed the track in 72.24 seconds, only 1.20 seconds behind Brazil, and ahead of the Argentinian team which came third with a timing of 72.61 seconds.

– This is our first official performance after three years, and even then it was in Banja Luka at the European Championship. After that, we were prevented by the coronavirus, but now we have managed to win a medal. We navigated the river well, but the Brazilians were too strong for us. We will do our best in the next disciplines and we will see what will happen in the end. We have already achieved great success, maybe there will be another medal – said Hohnjec.

A member of the Argentine team, Sebastian, pointed out that they were aiming for a place on the podium

– Very difficult race, with a lot of stress and adrenaline. There were a lot of good teams, and we fulfilled the plan by winning a medal. I am grateful to all my colleagues from the team and they all made a huge effort before we came here and I hope that we will continue at the same pace for the rest of the competition – Sebastian pointed out.