Debut of the Mongolian Women’s Team in Open Category

This is the first time that the Women’s team from Mongolia is participating at any competition in open category. Their trainer Tupshan Gera expects that they can achieve a great result.

– Even though we had a long winter and did not have a lot of time for preparation, the girls have trained whenever they could. That is the reason I expect that we can achieve a good placement – said Gera.

The trip from Mongolia to Bosnia and Herzegovina was long and exhausting and it lasted for 3 days.

– It took too long because we did not have a direct flight from Mongolia. Even though we spent a lot of time travelling we still had time to taste the food from these parts of the world and meet the people from around here. In the hotel we had eaten some fish and I expect that we will have time to eat something a bit more traditional – Gera added.

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