Ambassador of Japan Visits Bijeli buk

Ambassador of Japan Ito Makoto has visited the trail Bijeli buk during today’s training. He talked to the organisers and got introduced to the details about the World Championship.

– I know that this is the second time the World Championship is held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I wish luck to all the participants. I hope that they will achieve great success and get good results. I hope that they will also have the time to view the beautiful nature that Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer – said Makoto.

How much is rafting popular in Japan?

– Rafting in Japan was introduced in the 80s and a decade after that it was a very popular recreational sport. Nowadays, there are a lot of teams, especially in universities.

Did you meet with the representatives of Japan that came to the World Championship?

– We had a meeting and on the dinner we talked about the upcoming competition. I expect that they will achieve great success.

What do you think about Vrbas and Tara? Have you had a chance to visit both rivers and to try out rafting?

– I am really happy that I had seen Vrbas and one day I would like to visit Tara as well. Of course, I would like to try out rafting one day.