The Romanian Team Competes in the Open Category

Among the teams that will compete in the open category at the World Rafting Championship is also the Romanian team, whose member Vlad does not expect to fight for a medal and believes that a placement among the top 10 would be a great success.

– That would be a very good placement for us. Of course, any place above would be a great success, but we need to be realistic. Besides us, there are a lot of teams, which are much more experienced than us in these competitions and which have won medals at the biggest European and world competitions. With all that, they train a lot more than us. We should also not forget that our team consists of members who all do different jobs and live in different parts of Romania, so we have very little time to train together. It is a great success for us that we came here at all and that we will participate in this World Cup.

How was your trip?

– It was very long and hard, because we traveled for 12 hours, and we left early in the morning.

Have you been to Bosnia and Herzegovina before?

– It is the first time for me to be here, while my friends have already been and participated in the European Championship and the Eurocup.

In the end, Vlad emphasized that he and his team mates are quite tired, but he expects they will endure all the training and races and have a good time and enjoy themselves.