The Argentine Team Expects the Most from the Slalom

The Argentine national team will also take part at the World Rafting Championship, and a member of the men’s team in the open category, Sebastian, expects good results, although they arrived in Banja Luka the day before yesterday.

– We are a mixed team from Mendoza and Alumine. Although we are not from the same cities, we trained a lot together and I think we are very well prepared. We are very good in some disciplines and we want to win first place or at least one of the medals.

In which discipline do you expect the best placement?

– Slalom is our main discipline and we expect the most from it. In the last 2 championships Argentina has always had a good team in that discipline.

Who will be your biggest competitor?

– We have always had difficult and uncertain races against the teams of Brazil, Japan and the Czech Republic. They always have really good teams and it’s hard to beat them.

Is this your first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Yes. None of us have been here before, although we only arrived the day before last, we have already done our training and I can say that the slalom track is beautiful. We expect the water level to change, so we don’t know what it will be like on the day of the competition. The river and its surroundings look beautiful and we are really glad that we managed to come.

At the end, Sebastian pointed out that it was a great challenge for him and other members of the Argentine national team to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– Today, it is very difficult to travel from Argentina to the rest of the world. That is why we want to thank the sponsors, the Government of Mendoza and all the people who made our arrival possible – said Sebastian.

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