Argentinians Want a Medal

Argentinian men’s rafting team came to Banja Luka two days ago. Their Captain Huan Pablo said that they already got used to the climate here. They are expecting to return to Mendosa, from where the most of the representatives are, with a lot of medals.

– Behind us is a very tiresome trip that lasted nearly 48 hours. As soon as we got greeted by the host we forgot that we were tired. The people here are really similar to the people in Argentina, and if they did not speak another language we would have thought that we are at home – said Huan.

They still did not have official trainings on Vrbas.

– We went to see the trails for the Sprint and the Slalom. Our wish is to worthily represent our country and to return to Argentina with medals. Behind us are very hard and intense preparations that lasted for more than 2 months and we deserve to get good results – he added.