Vrbas a Wonderful River

Costa Rican master representatives are on the Vrbas river a few days now where they are training and preparing for the Slalom competition. Captain of the team, Daniel is oversatisfied with the things he has seen so far on the Vrbas river.

– This is my first time here, my friends have told me that these parts of the world are really beautiful. I am now convinced that the words they spoke are true. People from the organisation and volonteers are really friendly. The scenery is extraordinary and we are really happy that we are a part of this World Championship. We wish all the other competitors best of luck.

How was your first training? How was your experience with Vrbas river?

– We had a few difficulties going to our trainings because of the language barriers. Vrbas is a really wonderful river and it looks stunning. The trail for the Slalom is technically good for us, and the scenery around is outstanding. I am sure that this competition will be a experience that we will never forget.

What placement do you expect to get?

– Of course we expect first place like everyone else, but when we see the competition we know that it will be tough one.

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