Foča is ready for the upcoming IRF World Rafting Championship

An event of historical significance

Seven days before the beginning of the IRF World Rafting Championship, Foča, where the second part of the competition will be held from May 31 to June 1, is ready for all the challenges that organizers expect in the upcoming days.

This is confirmed by the race director in Foča and the coordinator for Foča, Mirko Davidović, who emphasized that this will be an event of historical significance not only for Foča and Banja Luka, but also for the entire Republic of Srpska.

– Everything is going according to plan. Our security team is finalizing a detailed race plan, touring the track, completing the master security plan and marking safety points. The scouts are on the field almost every day and are preparing a trail with a total length of 14 kilometers. There are more than 30 spots that athletes need to master. In addition, the organizing committee is already working hard on the preparation of the ceremonial reception of competitors in the city and the organization of the closing and medal ceremonies with a big concert for all participants and guests – said Davidović.

What are the biggest challenges?

– The issue of logistics, i.e. transport of all participants, including national teams, security teams, boats, are all challenges for all. The lack of adequate road infrastructure is another challenge in organizing this event, but our teams are ready to work in the most difficult conditions and we are absolutely sure that, with quality planning and organization, we will overcome all obstacles and successfully organize training and descent on Tara.

What visitors, and what competitors can expect on Tara?

– The IRF World Rafting Championship 2022 is a world event of historical significance, not only for Tara and Vrbas, but for Foča and Banja Luka too, band the entire country and region. Visitors who come to be a part of this story will have the opportunity to watch live something that does not happen so often, watching the world’s best rafters, so to speak, in their backyard. We already know that because of the World Championship, a large number of tourists will flock to Tara during the event, feel the atmosphere and follow their favorites. Athletes can be sure that we will provide them with the best possible conditions, thus relieving them of all unnecessary questions in order to be focused on the championship itself. They will also have the opportunity to row and compete in the deepest canyon in Europe, surrounded by breathtaking nature. I am sure he will have great inspiration.

Apart from rafting, what do you recommend to visitors when they come to Foča?

– The nature in our area is really generous, so wherever you turn or go, you come across breathtaking scenes. In addition to rafting on Tara, the biggest tourist asset of Foča is definitely the Sutjeska National Park with its beauties: Perućica rainforest, Maglić mountain, Zelengora mountain with eight lakes, Hrčavka river canyon. Many adventures have been organized in these destinations for years, such as hiking, canyoning, horseback riding, mountain biking, off-road safari tours, quad tours and the like.

Do you need volunteers?

– Volunteers are a part of every sports event, and I believe that the spirit of volunteerism should return, because in this way a mutually beneficial thing is done – a good job is completed and the young character is shaped in the right direction. Of course, all volunteers should be appropriately rewarded for their participation and contribution to the organization.

Is there optimism in Foča before the upcoming Championship?

– As we approach the start date of the championship, there is an exponential growth of optimism and expectations on the streets of Foča – from people who are directly or indirectly involved in the Championship and organization, including citizens. I think that this place is filled with positive energy and we are looking forward to passing it on participants.