The Argentina women’s team is participating аt the World Rafting Championship

The women’s selection of Argentina, whose member, 29-year-old Denis Martinez, has been kayaking and rafting for a decade and a half, will also take part in the World Rafting Championship.

– Participation in this competition will be a great experience for us, because rafting in Argentina is an amateur sport and it was quite difficult for us to afford to come to BiH. We were the best at the Argentina Championship, and our team was formed a year ago, but we have known each other from before. There are five of us in the team and I believe that we will achieve a satisfactory result for us. Our small advantage may be that we have known each other for a long time and we are good friends – said Martinez, who is a mother of twins and says that it was difficult to make this decision, but love for rafting requires some sacrifices.

The selection of Argentina will also compete in the men’s categories.