The first training on Tara – Serbia and Japan teams arrived to Foča, tonight the Hungarians practice on Vrbas

The teams of Serbia and Japan in the Open category arrived in Foča for the first training on Tara. After a
day spent on the water, they do not hide enthusiasm for the trail and the ambience, which they say is
Serbia will be represented by the Rafting Club “Eko Lim” from Priboj. The captain of the national team,
Uroš Puzović, says that after a few years they came to Tara and that the water is perfect and the
downriver is phenomenal.

  • I want to point out the first part of the trail as it is very demanding due to the classification of water, in
    other words, the size of the waves. After that, there are a few quieter areas, but mostly the trail is
    difficult and demanding.

Uroš says that he and the guys from the team hope to come for another training on Tara in the next few
days and thus complete the preparations for the World Championship and be ready to come to the
Championship as contenders for the brightest medal.
The Japanese are known as one of the best, and a total of 4 teams from Japan will show their skills on
the Vrbas and Tara rivers. Shigeto Asano, the captain of the Japanese men’s team in the Open category,
says that the first training was good, that Tara is beautiful and clean and that they enjoyed rafting.

  • We love the downriver on Tara, says captain Asano.
    Tonight, the women’s national team of Hungary in the Open category will arrive to Banja Luka, and have
    their first training on Vrbas over the weekend.
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