Training and Certification of Wild Water Rafting Guides (IRF GTE) Kicks Off

Free training and certification for wild water rafting guides organized by the Rafting Club
“Kanjon” with the financial support of the USAID Project for the Development of Sustainable
Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina have started.
Great interest and a large number of applicants confirmed, once again, how important is to
provide training opportunities according to all standards of the International Rafting
Federation (IRF) to the interested applicants, most of whom are young individuals showing
great interest in this sport and its promotion.
The training is organized in Banja Luka according to the rules of the International Rafting
Federation (IRF), which is a global leader in the field of rafting and river conservation in the
world. The Guide Training and Education Program (IRF GTE) has been established and is
operating within the IRF with the aim of increasing rafting safety worldwide.

The IRF GTE Rafting Guide Certificate is recognized and accepted in over 50 countries
around the world and is required in many countries to apply for and operate a wild water
rafting guide.
All those trained will be qualified to work on the water and operate wild water boats. After
participating in the IRF World Championships, they will gained experience at the world level,
hours of good time, adrenaline, friendship with people from all over the world, and an
excellent future reference in their CVs.
Training and certification is organized from 12-15 May, 2022.
Let’s protect the rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and be safe on the water!

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