Banja Luka City Rafting Cup 2022

The Rafting Association of the Republic of Srpska, on April 22 – the Day of the City of Banja Luka and in preparation for the World Rafting Championship 2022, organized downriver R4 BANJALUKA CITY RAFTING CUP 2022.

The competition was organized on the Krupa na Vrbasu trail and the slalom trail Tijesno Karanovac, Banja Luka.


In the men’s category – RK Dajak 1 BL, RK Dajak 2 BL, SRK Bosna Zenica, ISS Zenica and RK Tifran Belgrade In the women’s category – RK Kanjon BL and KK Končar Zagreb

Points from this competition will be included for the Republic of Srpska Championship, as well as for the BiH Rafting League 2022.




Rank St. No Team Nationality Time Difference TimeDifference %
RK Nektar Dajak klub 2 BIH 46:08.51 00:00.00 0.00
RK Nektar Dajak klub 1 BIH 46:16.25 00:07.74 0.28
SRK Bosna Zenica BIH 49:38.93 03:30.42 7.60
ISS Zenica BIH 55:45.37 09:36.86 20.84
KES Tifran Beograd SRB 57:24.03 11:15.52 24.40


Rank St. No Team Nationality Time Difference TimeDifference %
KK Končar Zagreb CRO 53:05.16 00:00.00 0.00
RK Kanjon Banja Luka BIH 56:13.16 03:08.00 5.90
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