BiH Women’s National Team Has Begun Preparations

The women’s national team that will host the World Rafting Championship and represent Bosnia and Herzegovina has begun its preparations. Members of the Rafting Club “Kanjon” after the preparatory period on the ground, did the first training on the water.

– Nice weather allowed us to go on the water, where in the coming period we will have certain rowing techniques tryouts, and that cannot be performed and practiced on the ground, says Milena Kolobarić, captain of the National Team. After three hours of training, we are satisfied because Vrbas water level was high, which required extra effort and made the first training challenging.

The rejuvenated BiH team counts  7 girls who say they are aware of the responsibilities they have in representing their city and country, but they are not overburdened with results. 

-This is a rejuvenated team that will do its best in the competition and leave its heart in the water. Although a younger team, most of the girls have participated in world competitions and they know what kind of competition awaits them.

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