You Can be a Part of the World Rafting Championship team. Sign up, VOLUNTEER!

Good old Aesop said – No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”.

We have to admit that volunteerism is still not as popular in our country as in the Western world, but here is a perfect opportunity to change that. Of course, volunteerism should be seen as a two-way pleasure, one the one side selflessly giving service and helping communities or individuals, on the other side the experiences and pleasures we receive in return.

Don’t waid, you can become a part of the 2022 World Rafting Team!

We need volunteers on the water, for organization, transports and logistics team, security service, team socializing, city tours, work in the press team, foreign language speakers, team for ceremonies and medal awards, promotion teams and much more .

Everyone is welcome! We need you all to help us promote our cities and our way of hospitality in the best way possible and together.

Visit our site and sign up!

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